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October 21 and November 11th. 
An interactive bar crawl turned scavenger hunt. 
**All players must be 21 years or older**

Duration: Barcode is open for play from 2pm to 10pm. Take as much or as little time to complete the adventure. Average play time is between 2-3 hours.

Dates: October 21st and November 11th, 2023

Locations: 3 unique bars/restaurants within the borough of Manhattan (all within a mile radius)

Players per team: Have as many players as you like! However, we only accept up to 6 phone numbers for the clues. 

What to expect: Make your way through some of NYC's finest establishments while solving puzzles, looking for clues, and enjoying drink/food discounts. This is a text-based adventure via WhatsApp with live help on the line for the duration of the event. Provide phone numbers for your team and the day before your event, your team will receive a group text with the clue for your first location. All other locations will be given in the form of puzzles/clues. A confirmation email with detailed instructions will be sent 48 hours after booking. 

Price-tag: $50 per team, up to 6 players. One payment per team. See our booking page to sign up. 

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